Sun0 lemon stripe/gray graphic silk shantung woven 1.5 yd
fabric #58273
contents: 100% silk
width: 44"
origin: Sun0
original EOS price: $22.00/yd
discounted price: $18.70/yd

This is an interesting and very cool-looking silk print from Sun0! The base fabric has a shantung-like weave and drape with a more firm lengthwise drape and a more relaxed widthwise drape, which I attempted to illustrate in the photos. The print is half lemon and lavender-tinted gray stripes, and half an edgy graphic in taupey gray, light blue, navy, off white and garnet (PANTONE 12-0752, 14-3803, 16-1509-ish, 13-4103, etc.). Make a color-blocked top, shirt, blouse, tunic, skirt, dress, etc. It's fairly opaque, but lightweight so you may wish to line some types of garments. Dry cleaning is probably best; test first if you wish to try hand-washing. 1.5 yds.