KaufmanFranc0 wool rainwear - espresso/charcoal 1.20 yds
fabric #58525
contents: wool/PU
width: 56"
origin: KaufmanFranc0
original EOS price: $35.00/yd
discounted price: $28.00/yd

From the designer KaufmanFranc0, this is an AMAZING rainwear fabric! The face is a waterproof espresso-toned glossy coating, and the back is a charcoal gray wool (PANTONE 19-0614, 18-0306...ish). It is quite a show-stopping fabric, medium weight with a more firm, architectural drape. Make a beautiful, runway worthy raincoat or jacket. Dry cleaning recommended. MINOR FLAW, seam running parallel to selvage, 7" up, 1.20 yds.