Sun0 wool/lurex ombre woven - navy/gray/white 1.75 yd
fabric #59610
contents: wool/poly/nylon
width: 61"
origin: Sun0/Italy
original EOS price: $18.00/yd
discounted price: $15.30/yd

This beauty from Suno, made in Italy, is modern, minimalist, and fashion-forward. It has a mix of wool/poly fibers in the weft, with nylon fibers in the warp which give the fabric a subtle reflective sheen in some areas while it's more matte in others. The stripey ombre design has a 45.75" repeat but we're selling it by the yard since it doesn't have a clear delineation between the repeats. The colors are dark navy, charcoal, gray and soft white (PANTONE 19-3920, 18-5203, etc.). It has some drape with body, and has a bit more drape if turned so that the stripes run vertically. Perfect for a simple sheath, skirt, jacket or evening coat. Very cool! Dry clean only. 1.75 yds.