Mi11y cream/gold metallic stripe sheer sweater knit 1.66 yd
fabric #61275
contents: cotton/viscose/met
width: 51"
origin: Mi11y
original EOS price: $25.00/yd
discounted price: $21.25/yd

From Mi11y, this is an exquisite open "weave" sweater knit in a pretty cream tone, with gold metallic fibers woven through. There's a darker stripe woven through every 1.25 inches, adding dimension and interest. The overall look is quite wonderful! This fabric has some body in the drape due to the fibers that are woven through the knit fabric. This is perfect as an overlay for a top, tunic, wrap, etc. Play with the direction of the stripes for a variety of fashionable looks! Some styles will need lining or layering. Dry cleaning is best. 1.66 yds.