Italian bittersweet/forest/turq boucle' sweater knit 1.66 yd
fabric #62142
contents: wool/poly blend
width: 60"
origin: Italy
original EOS price: $26.00/yd
discounted price: $22.10/yd

This is a gorgeous wool blend boucle' sweater knit from Italy in a mix of bittersweet, forest, turquoise, dijon, leaf, etc. (PANTONE 18-1447, 16-4725, 15-0336, etc.). The nubby, loopy yarns are woven through a thin knit backing to achieve a wonderful texture and drape with body. It is a medium weight sweater knit that is perfect for a structured cardigan or tunic top, etc. Light peeks through the rows of yarn, but is mostly opaque. It has about 10% mechanical stretch in the width only. Treat as you would any fine sweater knit: hand wash, lay flat to dry, or dry clean. 1.66 yds.