Italian flowery abstract poly woven panel (One Panel)
fabric #62906
contents: 100% polyester
width: 58"
origin: Italy
Original EOS Price: $28.00/yd

discounted price: $20.23/yd

Each panel is 33" so let's call it a yard. Please order by the panel, by ordering "1" for one panel, "2" for two, and so on.
This is a striking panel print from Italy, with a very refined and tight twill weave that makes it similar to a matte hybrid with some body in the drape. The edgy and flowery abstract print has areas of darker tones and lighter tone, in shades of deep, mixy beige, plum, earthtones, green-tinted black, etc. (PANTONE 19-1608, 19-6110, 13-1106, 16-0945, etc.). Be strategic in your cutting layout to create a beautiful and flattering garment: a sheath dress, jacket, tunic, skirt, etc. Dry clean, or please test first if you wish to try hand or machine washing, and hang to dry. LAST PIECE, 1 yard.