Italian printed silk gazar - 'beaded stripes' 2 yd
fabric #63874
contents: 100% silk
width: 54.75"
origin: famous designer/Italy
original EOS price: $60.00/yd
discounted price: $51.00/yd

This is an absolutely exquisite printed silk gazar made in Italy, from a famous designer. The fabric is an exquisitely fine and tight weave with a firm and architectural drape, and the stripey graphic resembles rows of beads or crochet (7.125" repeat) in tones of brick, rose, fer, spice, espresso, ivory, butter, magenta, aqua, etc. (PANTONE 18-1540, 15-1242, 17-0215, 14-4811, etc.). It is semi-sheer, and is best for a "runway-ready" special occasion dress, skirt or jacket, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. 2 yds.