Italian pink/orange/turq ring graphic viscose/span. knit 1.875 yd
fabric #64555
contents: 96viscose/4span
width: 53"
origin: Italy
original EOS price: $27.00/yd
discounted price: $22.95/yd
$43.03 for the piece

This is a very fine-textured 4-way stretch viscose/spandex knit from Italy (60% stretch in the width and 35% in the length), opaque yet very lightweight with wonderful drape and a "dry" (not slippery) hand. It is a new quality imported from Italy, hence the higher price. The print is a wonderful ring graphic in black, turquoise, lilac pink, tangerine and mocha-gray (PANTONE 16-3118, 16-4530, 15-1247, etc.). It's perfect for any number of tops, tees, a tunic, etc. Hand wash, hang to dry, or test first if you wish to machine wash. 1.875 yds.