Italian antique gold/black 2-part panel fancy woven 2.5 yds
fabric #64589
contents: poly/nylon/met
width: 57"
origin: Italy
Original EOS Price: $42.00/yd
discounted price: $25.20/yd
$63.00 for the piece

Each panel is 33" long, so let's call it a yard. Please order in 1-yard increments. Each panel has two sections.
This is a very unusual and exquisitely beautiful Italian fancy weave jacquard panel design. This suiting/dress weight beauty features antique gold and black fibers in an intricate weave, with more gold in one section and more black in the other. You can see in the photo that it has a subtle pattern in the weave and the metallic fibers provide a dressy sheen that has an effect that is understated yet striking. It has an overall bronze metallic look because of the mix of fibers, and is semi-sheer with a somewhat firm drape. Perfect for a special evening dress, skirt, jacket, tunic, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. MINOR FLAW, 2.5 yds. (There are 3 holes 9" in from selvedge and spaced 12" apart. Diameter of hole is about 1/8".)