Whit NY royal/ivory floral silk basketweave mesh .66 yds
fabric #64596
contents: silk
width: 43"
origin: Whit NY
original EOS price: $32.00/yd
discounted price: $20.80/yd
$13.73 for the piece

This is a gorgeous all silk basketweave mesh from Whit NY, a sheer and open dress weight with a firm drape.. This exquisite mesh is so elegant and upscale---I'm always excited to find it. This one has a beautiful and elegant floral print (13.5" repeat) in shades of ivory and royal blue (18-3963, 11-0107, etc.). Make a lovely kimono jacket, tunic, dress or skirt, etc. Lining or layering may be needed. Dry cleaning recommended. .66 yds.