Tah@ri 'crochet stitch' fancy weave - black/gray 1.625 yds
fabric #64641
contents: cotton/poly/wool blend
width: 53", 46" cuttable
origin: Tah@ri
Original EOS Price: $16.00/yd
discounted price: $13.60/yd
$22.10 for the piece

(There's a weaving flaw that runs along the selvage, so we've put this on clearance, and marked the cuttable width at 46".) This is a very unique fancy weave from Tah@ri that mimics a crochet stitch. It is medium weight and stable with a slightly open weave. There is a very small amount of wool in the blend---it's mostly cotton and poly. The colors are soft black and medium gray (PANTONE 16-0000), and the weave forms a stripey pattern that gives it a sweater knit look (but no stretch). It has a slightly different look on the reverse, and the weave is open so it's not opaque. There is body in the drape and it is perfect for a cardigan-style jacket, long vest, tweedy jacket, etc. Dry clean. LAST PIECE, 1.625 yds.