designer floral scarf print polysilk chiffon 1.125 yds
fabric #64764
contents: 100% polyester
width: 57"
origin: art-to-wear designer
original EOS price: $10.50/yd
discounted price: $8.92/yd
$10.04 for the piece

I met an art-to-wear designer at a trade show recently, and was invited to her studio to sort through some fabrics that she had used in previous seasons! The fabric is a sheer "poly/silk" (looks and feels like silk but is not), floaty and drapey with a floral scarf print (19" repeat) in tones of turquoise, magenta, sand and teal (PANTONE 15-4715, 17-1710, 19-4535, etc.). It is perfect for a scarf, or overlay for a blouse or top. Test first if you would like to hand wash and hang to dry. 1.125 yds.