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A1ice & 01ivia floral guipure lace - red/green/blue 2.75 yd
fabric #65060
contents: 100% polyester
width: 44.25"
origin: A1ice & 01ivia
original EOS price: $65.00/yd
discounted price: $55.25/yd
$151.94 for the piece

This A1ice & 01ivia guipure floral lace is absolutely STUNNING! It is a more substantial lace though quite open (it's photographed on a white background), with a cottony feel. The floral design is quite elegant (12" repeat) and the colors are deep red, soft blue and shades of leafy green (PANTONE 15-3920, 19-1655, 18-0312, etc.). The drape has some body, and it's perfect for anything from a lace jacket or tunic to a dress or skirt, etc. Dry cleaning recommended. 2.75 yds.