Not sure how to work with leather? Click here to see Kathryn Brenne's fabulous leather tutorial!

Leather is sold by the square foot. To convert fabric yardage to leather square footage, multiply the 45 fabric allowance by 11.25. Always add 10% extra to the total to allow for marks, holes and blemishes. For instance, if your pattern calls for 1.25 yards of 45 fabric, multiply 1.25 by 11.25, and then add 10%.
1.25 (yards) x 11.25 = 16.875 (sq ft) x 1.1 (10% extra) = 18.5 square feet

Lambskin - Drum Dyed Nappa
fabric #41092
contents: genuine lambskin
range: 8-12 sq ft. per skin
origin: Italy
$9.00/sq ft

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